About Us

We will never let anyone face Lymphoma/CLL alone

Each day 17 Australian’s receive a Lymphoma diagnosis and if you or a loved one has been touched by Lymphoma you can call the National Lymphoma Nurse Support Line, join our closed Facebook group – Lymphoma Down Under, sign up for our e news or request our free resources to ensure you have the information you need.

Our Lymphoma Australia Nurses are professional, qualified nurses who care for patients across Australia. These Lymphoma specialist nurses deliver an essential service to patients and cancer nurses. Lymphoma Australia nurses can help you navigate the lymphoma journey and connect you with others and the appropriate support networks

With more than 80 different subtypes of Lymphoma, both diagnosis and treatment options can be confusing. Lymphoma Australia, in conjunction with our medical advisory board, helps patients and their families to understand their diagnosis and treatment options. We provide information packs to patients and hospitals and host education days and webinars to help people better understand Lymphoma.

Find out more at: www.lymphoma.org.au